Sticky toffee pudding

I decided to have a go at adapting a sticky toffee pudding recipe, as in my humble opinion, sticky toffee pudding is one of the most superior puddings ever invented. I am aware that this may be a contentious statement, and I would be very happy to read your thoughts/comments and receive votes for alternative puddings in the comments section below! However, sticky toffee puddings (herein referred to as STPs) are extremely sugary, so can they be adapted to be sugar-free and diabetic-friendly? I do love a challenge.

I worked with almond flour again, following on from the success of using it in the chocolate chip muffins. My loaf-shaped baking tins were not available, so instead of making one big pudding, I made 6 individual STPs. It transpires that this was actually quite fortuitous, as it proved a convenient method for portion control! The puddings baked and rose well, however they were tricky to turn out despite buttering the tins well prior to adding the batter. Lesson learnt for next time; line the bottom of the tins with a circle of greaseproof-paper.

Whilst the puddings were baking, I made the caramel sauce, using a sinful-amount of butter and cream, the sugar substitute, a dash of salt, vanilla extract and a teaspoon of lemon juice to accentuate the sweetness of the sauce. The sauce actually came out looking surprisingly like a custard, despite having no egg in it. I think I needed to be less cautious when melting and browning the butter in the pan. Despite this, considering that when one thinks of a traditional toffee sauce the first word that springs to mind is sugar, this sugar-free sauce was a rather satisfying substitute.

Interestingly, Alice wasn’t actually a huge fan of the puddings, her reason being that they were too sweet! I’m aware that that sounds almost unbelievable, but I promise you it’s what she said. However, my partner Adam, who perhaps could lay claim to being the world’s biggest STP fan (or perhaps second after me), said that he absolutely loved them.

Thanks for reading, and please do add a comment to let everyone know your favourite pudding; don’t be shy.

3 thoughts on “Sticky toffee pudding

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    1. Morning Sam, Thank you so much for getting in touch!! I find recipe inspiration from all over the place, then put my own diabetes-friendly spin on them. And all my recipes are recorded down in my own recipe book, which I like to write by hand whilst in the kitchen. My ultimate aim is to pull the best ones together into a proper book, hopefully within the next year or so, and thus I’ve been avoiding divulging too much detail on my blog. However, to give you something to go on in the mean time, the cake is based on a traditional sticky toffee pudding recipe, but with flour substituted for almond flour, caster sugar for sugar-alcohol and the caramel sauce is mostly butter, cream and sugar-alcohol. I hope that gives you a useful starting point, and do let me know how you get on!


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