Chocolate cloud cupcakes

It is fair to say that Alice and I are both chocoholics. I do already have a fairly good diabetic-friendly chocolate cake recipe within my repertoire, but I stumbled across a recipe that was meringue-based, and felt it was intriguing enough to give it a go.

An additional diabetes-friendly-plus with this recipe is that it is flour less; the texture and structure are dependent upon well-whipped egg whites. That being said, I did try lining the muffin tins two different ways; either butter alone, or butter with an almond flour dusting, and it must be said that the cupcakes in the flour-lined tins were indeed much easier to turn out.

The only other ingredients are butter, sugar-substitute, salt and of course, good quality dark chocolate. During baking, the cupcakes rose really well, and then fell back a little bit whilst they were on the side cooling. However, this bakers-sin was easily covered by a fine dusting of powdered sugar substitute. An alternative would be to add a quenelle of cream on the top.

Alice and I decided to call them chocolate cloud cupcakes, due to the delicious texture; just like a meringue they are light, airy and melty in the middle. The unfortunate side of this is that they are easily to accidentally inhale without the cake really touching the sides! Delicious.

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