Chocolate chip muffins

Alice requested a post-school day bake session yesterday, a request which I was most delighted to oblige! I’ve been meaning to try a nut-flour-based bake for a while, with a view to reducing the glycaemic load of my baked goodies. However, like most of us, I am not immune to feeling a little reluctant to shy away from what I know. Wheat flour gives such a reliable bake, and importantly is also cheap and easy to get hold of in the shop; points not to be sniffed at.

Nevertheless, I decided to take the leap and have a go baking with almond flour rather than traditional wheat flour. As well as substituting for a nut flour, I also swapped cows milk for almond milk, and used a sugar-alcohol as my sugar substitute.

Happily, both Alice and I enjoyed the result. The muffins rose well, came out an attractive golden brown, had a pleasing nutty texture, and a kind of nut-butter flavour which made them rich and creamy. In terms of improvement, for which in life there is always room, there were quite a few choc chips stuck to the inside of the case wrappers. To address this, I think baking directly in a well buttered muffin tine without paper cases would be an option, or perhaps a slight increase in the amount of butter in my recipe.

My take home learning from this bake was that nut flours are definitely worth exploring further in order to reduce glycaemic load, and I intend to make more use of them in the future for my diabetic-friendly baking. Yum!

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