Carrot cake cupcakes

As promised; I’m back to diabetic-baking! I thought it would be fun to revive a classic to start with; carrot cake is one of my most favourite bakes using normal sugar, and it translates quite nicely into a diabetic-friendly version. It can be baked in several round tins and turned into a tiered cake, but it is also nice as muffins and this has the added bonus of acting as a natural portion control mechanism!

I increased the amount of oil in my recipe compared to the sugar-containing version, and replaced the sugar with a sugar-substitute. Alice and I baked these together, and for added flavour (and virtuousness!) we used carrots we had recently harvested from our back-garden. As with most of my diabetic cakes, the edges came out a little on the crispy side, but the middle was moist and springy, and crunching through the outside to reveal the soft inside was a pleasant textural experience. The icing is cream-cheese-style, and to finish them off we gave them a dusting of cinnamon. Yummy!

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