Strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing

My diabetic-friendly baking has been put on the back-burner a little bit recently, as I have been working on perfecting my full-sugar macaron recipe. However, today I am back to my first-love; diabetic-friendly baking. I’ve tried adapting my strawberry cupcake recipe to be more diabetic-friendly, to mixed success. Previous experience has taught me that my diabetic-cakes need a cooler over temperature and thus a longer bake time, so I dutifully put the oven on a lower temperature, but forgot to increase the time accordingly. So I opened the oven when my timer went off, and watched in dismay as my cakes sadly deflated… very disappointing! However, I still iced them, because I think that my diabetic-friendly icing is improving everytime I make it; practice makes perfect as they say. The result? A not very impressive looking, but still tasty, diabetic-friendly, summery, strawberry cupcake. Perfect for a summers evening, as long as you don’t look at it too closely as you eat it!

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