Diabetic Dorset Apple Cake

During these strange times of quarantine where we are supposed to be avoiding going to the shops as far as possible, most of us will have instead been searching through the dark depths of our freezers for food inspiration, and to this I have been no exception! Happily, I stumbled across a freezer bag of peeled cored and blanched cooking apple chunks which were harvested from our apple tree last autumn – and thus I was inspired to have a first attempt at baking a diabetic-friendly Dorset Apple cake. It came out very moist inside, due to the extra water from the blanching and freezing of the apples prior to using them for baking. I decorated it with a spiral of thin slices of eating apple arranged neatly over the deliciously crisp top. It was very moreish, enjoyed being paired with a splash of cream, and went down very well with head judge Alice. However, recipes can always be adapted and improved upon, and I have a few ideas for what I can do to make the bake even better next time.

2 thoughts on “Diabetic Dorset Apple Cake

    1. Thank you Tim! The apple decoration on the top is eating apple; Braeburn. The apples inside the cake are cooking apples from the tree in my garden, which was planted by the previous owners so I don’t know for sure what type they are but my educated guess is that they are Bramleys.


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