Birthday chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing

Amazingly, it was Alice’s third birthday today! And naturally, as any three year old does, she requested a chocolate cake for her birthday. So i baked her a diabetic chocolate cake, using dark chocolate chunks in my batter, and a sugar-substitute. I iced it with a silky smooth chocolate ganache, and sprinkled it with multi-coloured sprinkles (would have looked better with chocolate shavings in my opinion, but then, I’m not a three-year-old!) before leaving it to set overnight. We enjoyed it in the garden, and Alice ate it by first licking off the icing and then eating the cake…

2 thoughts on “Birthday chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing

  1. Looks amazing Helen! The proof of how good it tastes in the smiles of the birthday girl and master taste tester! Just wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. As you know, it’s some time before my baby will be eating cake, but as toddlers love it so much, I wondered if nutritionally your recipes are a much healthier alternative? If so, I think I’ll be trying some of your bakes in the not so distant future!


    1. Hi Lucyay567! Thank you for your kind words. Yes, Alice is certainly the master taste tester; a very important role!
      To answer your question; it would really depend on whether you think it is the sugar content, or alternatively the fat content, which is the “unhealthy” part of any food. My diabetic cakes have a very low GI (glycaemic index) sugar substitute in them, so are virtually sugar-free. However, I find that to keep my batters at the correct consistency, I have to increase the amount of fat in them, whether that’s in the form of butter or milk. So they’re lower sugar but higher fat. That being said, full-fat products are recommended by the NHS for children up to the age of 2 (


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