Orange MiniEgg Easter Cake

Easter, and certainly an Easter during lock-down, calls for a celebration cake with a bit of a zingy pick-me-up. So I thought I’d try making a zesty orange-flavoured cake, decorated with (non-diabetic) MiniEggs as a treat. The cake itself has zest and juice from two oranges incorporated into the batter, and after baking I drizzled it with an orange and diabetic-sugar syrup, before icing with orange-coloured diabetic cream-cheese icing flavoured with yet more orange zest. As we all know, we eat with our eyes before we do with our mouths, and I think colouring icing the colour you expect it to taste from the aroma it gives off, somehow seems to enhance the flavour you are expecting to taste! Alice enjoyed helping to separate a big bag of MiniEggs out into different colours, and we decorated across the top of the cake with colour-coordinated spirals. And yes, it’s true that MiniEggs are not diabetic-friendly, but this is a special occasion and the rest of the cake is sin-free!

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